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COVID Expense Added a New Billing Code in Use

US doctors’ group wants extra compensation for COVID-19 work. It’s essential to ensure doctors are compensated for any additional costs they incur during future public health emergencies.
The American Medical Association recently presented a new code, 99072. The code covers extra supplies, materials, and time clinical staff spend during office visits related to respiratory-transmitted infectious disease outbreaks declared public health emergencies. This is to cover costs that are not usually included in regular visits.
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Over 50 medical societies worked with the AMA’s RUC to propose a new payment code to CMS. Thus, securing medical facilities during public health emergencies. 99072 is the proposed code.
Doctors are taking extra precautions to reduce the risk of COVID transmission during medical appointments. This includes screening patients and maintaining safe distances. The CPT Editorial Panel aims to recognize the associated expenses.

“Everyone’s life has significantly changed because of COVID, and the healthcare system has dramatically changed,” Synovec said. “It was pretty clear that the status quo would not work.”

Physician practices will welcome this change, said Veronica Bradley, CPC, a senior industry adviser to the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA). An office visit that in the past may have involved only basic infection-control measures, such as donning a pair of gloves, now may apply clinicians to put on more extensive protective gear.

Bradley’s diligent implementation of multiple precautions has resulted in a noteworthy increase in time and supply consumption.

Code Looks Ahead to Future Use

AMA said the new 99072 code applies only during declared public health emergencies. They added items required to support “a safe in-person provision” of evaluation, treatment, and procedures.

“These items contrast with those typically reported with code 99070, which focuses on additional supplies provided over and above those usually included with a specific service, such as drugs, intravenous (IV) catheters, or trays,” AMA said.

Synovec reported that the CPT panel successfully developed a code for COVID-related practice expenses to prevent potential misuse and consider future implications.

In the event of a respiratory-transmitted infectious disease outbreak, the law mandates using a specific code. Please doIt’s important to refrain from modifying the original purpose of the SARS-CoV-2 code. It is critical to have a protocol in place for any future incidences of airborne respiratory viruses.  Being adequately prepared for the possibility of another pandemic is essential, regardless of our hopes to avoid such a situation shortly.

The AMA also announced a second addition, CPT code 86413, that anticipates more effective use of quantitative measurements of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, as opposed to a qualitative assessment (positive/negative) provided by laboratory tests reported by other CPT codes.

More information is available on the AMA website.

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