Real Stories

We present Real Stories – a series of actual accounts where our stethoscope approach improved Revenue Cycle Management for independent medical providers. We listened, diagnosed and delivered prescribed solutions for a lucrative result.

Throughout the series, the common theme is our Revenue Cycle Management solutions that capture revenue from claims remittance, patients, and evidence based data. Collecting from all these sources will help secure an independent practice’s health care payments and enable it to become more profitable.

  • When Physicians Listen (finally) to their Accountant
  • Life is like Accounting, Everything must be Balanced
  • Mystery Solved: The Case of the Chronic Under-Coder
  • Overcoming Medicare Reductions
  • Minimizing Medical Claim Denials Ensures Future Growth
  • Coding Expertise Maximizes ED Revenue

A printable version of each Real Story is available on the designated page.