Independent Coding and Documentation Audits

Compliance Should Be A Major Concern For Healthcare Providers And Their Staff.

The government is giving more money to ensure healthcare providers do things right. For every $1 spent, they get $27 back. Providers can be fined up to $22,000 per year. The checks focus on the codes used by doctors for procedures and diagnoses.

There are three important reasons to do regular Coding and Documentation Audits:

First, coding must align with the services provided to process insurance claims accurately. As a result, OIG Compliance mandates routine independent audits.

Second, by conducting Coding and Documentation Audits, it is possible to pinpoint any issues in the coding process. Such audits provide an objective analysis that can uncover holes or deficiencies in the coding system.

Third, the focus of Coding and Documentation Audits is to help training providers improve their coding habits by examining their documentation and code.

Physician Education

Our training promotes accurate and reliable coded data. Following policies ensure compliance and improves reimbursement. Independent audits safeguard finances. Trust us for optimal results.

Independent Coding and Documentation Audits can:

To avoid any fraudulent activity, it is imperative to cross-check the code with the services that the insurance company has paid for. Detecting any discrepancies resulting from incorrect coding or incomplete documentation is also crucial. Addressing these issues beforehand can prevent any challenges from insurance or government payers. Moreover, there may be new opportunities for reimbursement that may come up. Therefore, it is essential to ensure accuracy by correcting any outdated or incorrect codes used by providers.


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