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Medical Billing and Coding Rockstars – The Best Jobs Found Here

Your medical billing career starts now. Apply for your next Job. Our team of passionate professionals is always growing, and we always have an eye out for the best talent in the industry. Innovation is all about the best ideas from the best minds in the business.

Our culture is all about collaboration, innovation, and commitment. We value every one of our dedicated team members and their unique perspectives on providing better service. Our certified coding and medical billing career team members are self-driven professionals focusing on planning, execution, and communication. They take great pride in their ownership and accountability within ebix.

Due to the increasing medical needs of aging baby boomers, insurance companies continually update their claims processing procedures. This fuels the job explosion for medical coding and billing specialists.

If you’re a detail-oriented person who’s looking for a fast-growing position in the healthcare industry, then a career as a medical billing and coding specialist may be for you. There were 341,600 medical records and health information technician professionals employed in the U.S. in 2019, and the number of jobs is growing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment of medical records and health information technicians will grow 8% from 2019 to 2029, faster than the average for all occupations.

7 essential soft skills for successful medical coding and billing specialists:
Attention to detail — Precision is paramount in medical coding. A single word in a clinician’s records can affect the coder’s ability to choose the correct code for a procedure or diagnosis. You must be able to hone your attention to subtle differences in medical terminology and the smallest of details.
Organized —Being very organized is crucial to being more productive and efficient, reducing mistakes, and meeting deadlines.
Ethical Code — As a medical coder, your main job is to protect patient data by following HIPAA regulations. Adhering to payer policies is crucial to maintain compliance and prevent any potential instances of fraud or abuse. By ensuring strict adherence to these policies, you can demonstrate a commitment to ethical conduct and safeguard the integrity of business operations. It’s important to stay informed about any changes in payer policies to comply with them and avoid any problems.
Social Personality — In the field of coding, professionals frequently collaborate with colleagues to discuss various aspects of the job, such as medical procedures, clinical documentation, patient charts, and billing issues. As a coding specialist, you should enjoy working in a team. Asking questions and sharing ideas with doctors, billers, supervisors, office staff, and even patients will help you succeed in your job.
Analytical — Strong critical thinking skills will take you far in your medical coding career. Being able to apply logic and connect information is extremely valuable when extracting data from clinical documents and translating it into codes.
Learning Opportunities — Medical coders need to embrace learning opportunities due to advancements in technology, improving standards of patient care, and evolving healthcare policies. No matter how far along you are on the medical coding career path, you’ll face something new on the job almost every day.
Computer Proficient — Medical coders need to be computer-proficient to adopt electronic health records (EHR). They must be able to learn EHR computer software.

Open Positions

Seeking the Best and the Brightest

Medical Biller / Follow-Up Specialist

This position reports to the Operations Manager and is accountable for answering patient questions and assisting the Resolution department in obtaining necessary information for the payment of claims. Potential employees must have strong oral and written communication, time management and organizational skills. Bilingual skills, medical terminology and a medical background preferred.

Please submit resume and salary requirements to hr@ebixinc.com