Data Analytics and Reporting

Data Analytics and Reporting bring transparency and insight to what we have accomplished on your behalf.

On the whole, a profitable private medical practice starts with robust data and analytics. Accordingly, Data Analytics and Reporting inspects, cleans, transforms, and models data. The goal is to highlight the most helpful information. For this reason, the skill and experience to translate data into useful information can be the difference between getting ahead and being left behind.

Today, the best strategic business decisions are never made on a hunch. They don’t necessarily correlate with historical “best practices.” Consequently, we live in the era of big data. A profitable practice begins with robust and powerful data analytics.

The reports provide detailed data information needed to manage your practice and maximize your profitability. Data Analytics and Reporting sets ebix apart from other Revenue Cycle Management companies. We don’t just expertly code and submit. We help you identify and capitalize on unique opportunities for your practice to maximize profitability. For example, our team of analysts will help you recognize trends and track actual vs. insurance-allowed amounts.

Client-driven Data Analytics and Reporting include:

Data Analytics

  • Tailored reports
  • Bench-marking
  • Full charge captures and verification
  • Track actual vs. insurance-allowed amounts
  • Reimbursement variance tracking
  • Dictation and documentation feedback

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