ForwardHealth Delayed 2024 Implementation of CPT, HCPCS Code

In December 2023, ForwardHealth announced that implementation of the CPT and HCPCS codes for the 2024 Code Set has been delayed.

ForwardHealth recently announced that implementing the 2024 Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) procedure codes has been postponed. As a result, ForwardHealth will temporarily halt the processing of claims submitted with 2024 procedure codes from January 1, 2024. Once the system updates are complete, the suspended claims will be reviewed and processed accordingly. ForwardHealth will provide further updates on the 2024 procedure code changes and the resolution of suspended claims, and we will ensure to keep you informed of any developments as they become available.

This message is from your Revenue Cycle Management partner at ebix, Inc.. We stay updated on industry insights and thought you might be interested in this announcement from Forward Health in December 2023.

Independent Coding and Documentation Audits can:

To prevent fraudulent activity, it is essential to carefully verify the services that the insurance company has paid for by cross-checking the codes. It is also vital to detect any discrepancies that may arise due to incorrect coding or incomplete documentation. By addressing these issues proactively, we can avoid any potential challenges from insurance or government payers. Additionally, by ensuring the accuracy of the codes used by providers and correcting any outdated or incorrect ones, we open doors to new reimbursement opportunities. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize accuracy and stay vigilant to safeguard against fraudulent activities.

Coding Service Ensures Compliance

The ebix Billing Services team has a strong reputation. By and large, medical billing begins with accurate and complete documentation in the medical record. Hence, coding is how your intellectual services and labor translate into a code used to bill insurance and document the value of your service.

Perhaps most noteworthy are the ICD-10 codes. The ICD-10 is currently the cornerstone of classifying diseases, injuries, health encounters, and inpatient procedures in morbidity settings. Because of this, the ebix, Inc. team has honed medical coding skills and business processes to meet the needs of independent physicians.

Therefore, transforming a provider’s narrative or description of the disease, injury, and procedures into universal medical code numbers for the insurance claim is the fundamental purpose of medical coding. For this reason, our team of professional certified medical coders ensures higher reimbursement by properly aligning services with a medical diagnosis. Consequently, this doesn’t just assure proper payment. It will also minimize denials resulting from the incorrect association of diagnosis and procedure codes.

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