Accurate ebix Diagnostic Coding Prevents Denied Claims

The ebix team of Certified Professional Coders ensured that CPTs were accurately reviewed and modified, providing the best possible care for patients. Dr. Alok Goyal and Dr. Pandey Krishna founded Milwaukee Internal Medicine Associates (MIMA) with the help of ebix’s coders to ensure steady cash flow and boost revenue. Therefore, the transition was seamless and successful, providing exceptional clinical and hospital services to their patients.

Here’s the Story

To boost MIMA’s revenue, the initial step was to set fair prices for its services. The ebix team reviewed MIMA’s pricing against competitors and Medicare guidelines to determine appropriate reimbursement rates. One of the things the ebix team did was to evaluate how the market would react. Accordingly, the ebix team shared industry averages and recommendations with MIMA, empowering them to make informed pricing decisions.

Accurate ebix Diagnostic Coding Prevents Denied Claims.

The ebix team of certified professional coders has carefully reviewed the CPT codes using the CCI edits. Our ebix team comprises highly qualified experts who ensure that our coding practices are top-notch. Our rigorous process ensures that codes are never bundled, and modifiers are never omitted.

Hence, by implementing precise coding techniques, the ebix team significantly reduced the number of denied claims that MIMA had to deal with. This means that MIMA could more effectively process claims and avoid the headaches and financial losses associated with claim denials. This strategy resulted in fewer discrepancies in claim submissions and provided a smoother experience for MIMA’s customers.


First, the ebix team supported MIMA as they grew during their first year, utilizing their expertise to drive revenue and create results.

Second, MIMA increased its annual charges by 55% over three years.

Third, MIMA’s receipts increased by 60% over that same period.

Finally, the doctors identified and contracted with other hospitals that would benefit from their services.


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