Do you want a better medical billing service?

Revenue Cycle Management ServiceIt’s time to outsource a better medical billing service. There is a learning curve to be surmounted when beginning to bill for any specialty. Ever-changing payor rules and mandates, specialty coding, and billing requirements can be tough to navigate for providers as well as for billing staff. Many times billers depend on providers to share appropriate CPT and ICD codes. Only providers may not be up to date on the latest coding guidelines. This lack of knowledge and coding experience can place a handicap on your receivables. ebix, Inc. understands that each specialty brings its own set of challenges. Accordingly, we work to develop custom workflows and a unique set of coding rules based on services provided by your healthcare organization. 

  • Coding Expertise. The ebix team offers certified coding staff to “abstract” codes from provider documentation, or review what you’ve coded for accuracy and completeness. Additional revenue opportunities plus compliance and audit survivability are the results of our efforts. We offer Chart auditing services and provider/staff education.
  • Fast Claim Submission. Don’t suffer from delays or write-offs from inappropriate submissions. Your billing will be submitted promptly after receipt.
  • Claim Scrubbing and Code Review
  • Claims sent Electronically
  • Detailed and Thorough Claims Follow-up
  • Free Custom Reporting
  • Fast Appeal Processes
  • Up to 10% Added to Your Bottom Line

Capture up to 10% More Revenue with a Better Medical Billing Service

Our proven track record helps private medical practices capture up to 10% more revenue through our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Service.

Accordingly, providers outsource their medical billing for many reasons. Most importantly, to increase the efficiency, revenue, and ultimately the income of their practice. Outsourcing of your medical claims billing process is beneficial to your practice. Specifically, it will speed the process, reduce your business expenses, and increase efficiency.

It is essential to realize that the key to successful Revenue Cycle Management is understanding all your practice’s revenue sources. Hence, our team will help improve profitability by monitoring, measuring, and managing all aspects of your revenue cycle.

The ebix team has excellent tools and experience. Hence, our Revenue Cycle Management solutions in place to capture revenue from claims remittance, patients, and evidence-based data. Collecting from all these sources will help secure your practice’s health care payments and enable it to become more profitable.

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Medical Coding Compliance With a Better Medical Billing Service

The ebix team has a strong reputation for expert medical coding services. By and large, medical billing begins with accurate and complete documentation in the medical record.  Hence, coding is the way your intellectual services and labor translate into a code used to bill insurance and document the value of your service.

Perhaps most noteworthy are the ICD-10 codes. The ICD-10 is currently the cornerstone of classifying diseases, injuries, health encounters, and inpatient procedures in morbidity settings. Because of this, the ebix, Inc. team has honed medical coding skills and business processes to meet the needs of independent physicians.

Therefore, the transforming of a provider’s narrative or description of the disease, injury, and procedures into universal medical code numbers for the insurance claim is the fundamental purpose of medical coding. For this reason, our team of professional certified medical coders ensures higher reimbursement by properly aligning services with a medical diagnosis. Consequently, this doesn’t just assure appropriate reimbursed. It will also minimize denials resulting from the incorrect association of diagnosis and procedure codes.

Data Analytics Presented by A Better Medical Billing Service

Data Analytics and Reporting brings a level of transparency and insight the accomplishments on your behalf. For example, our team of analysts will help you identify trends and track actual vs. insurance allowed amounts. The reports provide detailed data information that is needed to manage your practice and maximize your profitability. Comparatively, this is what sets ebix apart from other Revenue Cycle Management companies. We don’t just expertly code and submit. We help you identify and capitalize on unique opportunities for your practice to maximize profitability.

Minimize Medical Claim Denials With A Better Medical Billing Service

Of course, the best way to minimize a medical claim denial is to prevent them in the first place. Thus the medical billing professionals of ebix, Inc., make sure that all our medical claims are “clean.”. A clean medical application begins at the first point of contact.

Your medical practice should never accept a first-round denial as routine. In effect, to minimize medical claim denials, the ebix team of expert claim resolver gets your practice’s claims processed clean and quick.  We investigate the reason for the rejection. And when necessary, we offer an extensive practice education and training session.

At The Forefront of Physician Support From Better Medical Billing Service

Furthermore, affiliations with professional organizations enable ebix, Inc. to stay at the forefront of physician support and fiscal management in healthcare settings.

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