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Preventing Coronavirus from Impacting Revenue

You’ll love the results when you choose a medical billing consultant for your practice. Unlike other administrative workers who handle several areas of your course, ebix, Inc. helps prevent COVID-19 from impacting your revenue cycle.

Now is no time to say “no” to creative ideas such as outsourcing medical coding and billing.

The Need for Remote Work Capabilities Becomes Urgent

Despite the employee demand for flexibility, money-saving opportunities, and as a recruitment incentive, some revenue cycle leaders have hesitated to allow their employees to work remotely due to concerns about remote credit card processing and worker productivity at home.

But with people worldwide being urged to practice “social distancing,” the need to allow revenue cycle employees to work from home has escalated.

Private Practice Providers strategically began moving their revenue cycles toward a remote workforce, such as outsourcing medical coding and billing with ebix, Inc. This strategy has successfully managed its revenue cycle after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Telemedicine Will Soar During and After COVID-19

The number of cases of confirmed COVID-19 skyrockets in the United States and family physicians are consumed with trying to the best care for their patients while protecting themselves and their staff.

That’s why telehealth has become a valuable tool for providing care for these patients.
And right on cue, the AAFP recently updated its guidance on using telehealth to address caring for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic specifically.

There are numerous options for reporting visits that are not traditional face-to-face office visits.
The Truth is the Coronavirus will Impact Providers’ Revenue Cycle for the Foreseeable Future.

Capture up to 10% more revenue quickly.

Now is no time to say “no” to creative ideas such as outsourcing medical coding and billing. The #1 billing solution for small and mid-sized practices is ebix, Inc.

It is essential to realize that the key to successful Revenue Cycle Management is to understand all your practice’s revenue sources. Hence, our team will help improve profitability by monitoring, measuring, and managing all aspects of your revenue cycle.

Indeed, the ebix team has excellent tools and experience. Hence, our Revenue Cycle Management solutions are in place to capture revenue from claims remittances, patients, and evidence-based data. Collecting from all these sources will help secure your practice’s healthcare payments and make it more profitable.

Contact us today. We stand with you during this unprecedented medical situation.

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