Contract Reimbursement Analysis

The team at ebix, Inc. can provide a contract reimbursement analysis. A thorough analysis will help your independent practice keep a fair and equitable position.

First, we help improve contract management and negotiation. Payer contracting is a multifaceted strategic endeavor in today’s healthcare environment. It impacts every aspect of your business strategy. Contract Negotiation is the foundation for all your reimbursements. The ebix, Inc team has spent years working on both sides of the table.

Secondly, we offer Consistent Contract Monitoring and Enforcement. Too often, payers aren’t as diligent about keeping up their end of the contract as they are about making sure you keep up with yours.

Third, Insurance companies are notoriously unresponsive. It almost seems like they depend on the fact you have neither the time nor the inside knowledge it takes to make certain payers are diligently keeping to their commitments to your practice.

Finally, that’s why we at ebix employ a tenacious contract monitoring process. Because we keep a close watch on our clients’ insurance contracts using procedures developed with, and honed by, knowledge gained from years of experience gained on the inside. We’ll help your independent practice keep a fair and equitable position.

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