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Where can we work? The answer is that our billing company, a Medical Revenue Cycle Management firm, can work anywhere you are.Medical Billing Milwaukee

Established in 1977 as a billing company, ebix, Inc. has grown to be a multifaceted medical Revenue Cycle Management firm. We provide administrative and operational support to healthcare providers throughout the Central United States.

Our proven track record helps private medical practices capture up to 10% more revenue through our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Service. In particular, our coding expertise, denials minimization, and data analytics will help you run a smarter and more profitable practice.

Therefore, we are medical billing serving Wisconsin providers who outsource their medical billing for many reasons. Most importantly, to increase the efficiency, revenue, and ultimately the income of their practice. Outsourcing your medical claims billing process is beneficial to your practice. Specifically, it is solely designed to speed the process, reduce your business expenses, and increase efficiency.

Certainly, the ebix team has superior tools and experience. Our Revenue Cycle Management solutions are in place to capture revenue from claims remittance, patients, and evidence-based data. Collecting from all these sources will help secure your practice’s health care payments and enable it to become more profitable.

Certified Medical Coding

  1. Outsourcing your coding work lets your independent medical practice focus on what it does best: providing quality health care.
  2. Choosing a medical coding company, like ebix, Inc., ensures that employees are qualified and possess the necessary qualifications.
  3. Eliminate the administrative work associated with training and employing medical coders, permitting your medical practice to focus its resources elsewhere.
  4. Outsourcing your medical coding work to the ebix certified coding team is simple. As a result, outsourcing is a way for your independent medical practice to complete coding work promptly.
  5. You can reduce expenses associated with employing coding employees by choosing the ebix certified coding team.

Minimize Medical Claim Denials

According to the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), even the best-performing medical practices have 4 percent of their claims denied. MGMA estimates that up to 65 percent of denied claims are never re-submitted. It costs approximately $25 to resubmit a denied claim. Furthermore, if you don’t research the denied claim, correct and re-submit the claim within the time frame required by each payer (which many times is as short as 90 days), you may not get paid.

Of course, the best way to minimize a medical claim denial is to prevent them in the first place. Thus the medical billing professionals of ebix, Inc. make sure that all our medical claims are “clean”.  To put it another way, a clean medical claim meets the requirements stated by insurance providers for payment on the first submission. A clean medical claim begins at the first point of contact. This means patients are registered properly. Plus all primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance is confirmed.

Your medical practice should never accept a first-round denial as routine. In effect, to minimize medical claim denials, the ebix team of expert claim resolver gets your practice’s medical claims processed clean and quick.  We investigate the reason for the denial. And when necessary, we offer an extensive practice education and training session.

Hence, the partial list of medical billing Wisconsin cities that we serve is below. If you would like a free consultation on your case please fill out the form below.

Medical Billing Company serving Wisconsin Cities:

Appleton, Wisconsin
Eau Claire Wisconsin
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Kenosha, Wisconsin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Madison Wisconsin
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Racine Wisconsin
Waukesha, Wisconsin

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