Comparatively, a Medical Billing Career at ebix, Inc.could spoil you for life!

Yes, a medical billing career with ebix, Inc. can be truly rewarding.  Couple opportunities for internal promotion with the activities of the Boost Committee at ebix, Inc. As a result, the 50+ medical billing professionals say they enjoy a gratifying work experience.

For example, here are a few reasons.

First of all, we are growing. The consistent client growth has led to internal job advancement, regularly hiring new medical billing and certified medical coders. Also, there is opportunity to receive on-the-job training for effective employee development.

As an illustration,  medical billing professionals acquire a diverse set of skills and knowledge. Those skill sets of medical terminology and anatomy in addition to proficiency in medical coding and billing software are invaluable.

Due to the increasing medical needs of aging baby boomers, insurance companies continually update their claims processing procedures. This fuels the job explosion for medical coding and billing specialists.

Consequently, the staff is always growing which ultimately leads to boundless comradely. Due to growth, we always have an eye out for the best talent in the industry. Innovation is all about the best ideas from the best minds in the business.

Second of all, there is a Boost Committee. The Boost Committee makes sure there is never a dull moment for the employees of ebix, Inc. There are monthly creative food events. As a matter of fact, nearly 75% of the staff participate in the various healthy living challenges. Additional creative events include a book swap and jeans for charity days. No doubt there is a lot of informal fun. Furthermore, the Boost Committee consists of volunteer employees. This committee is supported and encouraged by management to be creative. The mission of the Boost Committee is to ensure a unique and playful atmosphere. Likewise, we all are focused on the job responsibilities at hand.

Finally and especially relevant, our corporate values guide us personally and professionally. Our culture is all about collaboration, innovation, and commitment. We value every one of our dedicated team members and their unique perspectives on providing better service. Our team members are self-driven professionals that focus on planning, execution and communication. They take great pride in their ownership and accountability within ebix, Inc.

  1. Respect – Treat fellow employees and customers with respect and dignity. Appreciate and value each other, our diverse backgrounds and exhibit a positive attitude. Strive to make openness, teamwork and a sense of purpose combine to provide an environment that promotes fairness.
  2. Attention to Detail – Consistently provide the highest level of quality to ensure the final output is virtually flawless. Having the ability to accomplish all tasks with concern for all areas involved.
  3. Accountability – We accept our individual and team responsibilities and we meet our commitments. We take ownership for our performance in all of our decisions and actions.
  4. Flexible – Willingness to do what it takes. Have the ability to successfully multi-task to meet and exceed individual and team goals.
  5. Self-Directed – Works with minimal supervision and a sense of urgency to seek new and more efficient ways to complete duties. Accordingly, takes the initiative to begin and follow through with projects and tasks. Being a creative, independent, and highly resourceful employee.

Most of all, everyone—no matter their job description or background—loves the interconnected and supportive atmosphere at ebix, Inc.

Want Your Medical Billing Career to be Rewarding?

In conclusion, we are always looking for the best and brightest individuals to join our team. Are you passionate about providing the best medical billing services with innovative solutions? All things considered, working with the team at ebix is the perfect place. Again, you have the opportunity to blossom. Potential employees must have strong oral and written communication, time management and organizational skills. Bilingual skills, medical terminology and a medical background preferred. To learn more about opportunities click here. Join us! Resumes accepted at