While ICD-10-CM has been postponed until at least Oct 1, 2015 with the signing of HR4302, the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of  2014, it also put into effect a one year patch for the Sustainable Growth Rate that would have reduced Medicare payments by approximately 24%.

As we all were preparing for the increased documentation that the implementation of ICD-10-CM would have required, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that if you put the necessary documentation skills into effect now, when 2015 rolls around, you will be not be overwhelmed.

While this delay gives those who are not prepared, the much needed time to ready themselves and their practices, we have received many inquiries as to how those in Emergency Medicine should proceed. At this point, the Emergency Departments that ebix works with and educates will be moving forward with our plans. It may be necessary to find out from the hospital system that you work with, if there is anything new required of you, but most are pressing forward as scheduled.

There are many questions regarding the implementation date of ICD-10 CM. Bill HR 4302 tells us that we cannot implement the ICD-10 codes sets before Oct 1, 2015 but does not offer any certainty to when it will be implemented.

At this time, we do not have a final ruling as to when ICD-10 CM will be implemented.  AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association) is working on getting answers to some of the questions that his delay has produced. As soon as the information becomes available, I will pass it on.