Nothing is more critical to revenue cycle profitability than to have highly efficient accounts receivable and claim denial management processes in place. It is these revenue cycle processes that determine the difference between financial stability and merely struggling to make ends meet. Whether you outsource all of your revenue cycle management functions to ebix, Inc., or just the critical AR and Denial Minimization tasks, you can count on ebix to bring you valuable net returns on the resources devoted to this most important aspect of your operation.

In a nutshell, outsourcing your AR and Claim Denial Management functions will net you greater income – minimizing lost reimbursements by maximizing your effectiveness at collecting unpaid claims. It’s the right value equation to get you the highest possible return on investment – it’s a service that more than pays for itself.

AR Management
The ebix team takes care of all the critical functions involved in AR management including the filing of appeals, assessing insurance low pays, updating insurance contracts, managing unapplied balances, managing refunds, and processing patient statements and delinquency letters.

Claim Denial Management
Minimize lost reimbursements and denials with highly efficient systems and services designed to meet your needs. Maximize your effectiveness at collecting unpaid claims. The ebix team expertly tracks and manages timely follow up on all unpaid claims, ensuring that no time is lost on pursuing every reimbursement possibility.

The Right Value Equation
AR & Claim Denial Management is extremely time-consuming and most practices (and general billing companies) do not devote sufficient resources to adequately pursue maximum reimbursement. Services offered by ebix are highly functional and supported by software tools that typically produce a significant net gain in reimbursement for each client practice, deciding to outsource this function a positive value equation.

Workflow and Reporting Data Analytics
The ebix team well-trained and experienced in claim denial management, to undertake this very important work. The software tools used by the ebix staff allow for well managed and timely follow-up on all unpaid claims. These same workflow tools allow for extremely detailed and useful reporting, making work done on denied claims very visible and make accountable all the resources devoted to this task.